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Message 18: C Gordon-Foxwell |
Very smart website, now on my list of daily visited sites alongside speedbirds and sst. People say my love all all things Concorde goes too far, but to fly is to believe. See 'Gone In 62 seconds'. I have a personal target of visiting every retired Concorde. Four down, but so far have not been to Brooklands. See you there. Keep up the good work.

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01-June-2005 - Hatfield, Herts UK
Message 17: Matt S.
concorde!!!!!! the best aircraft ever!!!!! better than the tu-144. i hope it flies again

Tu-144 can be used as scrap metal to build brooms to clean the runway concorde uses, just joking, it is a cool plane but i think concorde is better-AXEL C.

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26-May-2005 - warsaw, poland
Message 16: Martin Slade | |
Hi, Nice site. DG pics especially interesting. Nice to see she is under cover (unlike ours, AF). It looks like you have a huge challenge ahead. Still, there's nothing like a challenge to stir the soul.
Best wishes all. Martin Slade

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27-April-2005 - Bristol, UK
Message 15: Matt |
An excellent and very well presented site that details all the information that us people who do not live near Brooklands need to keep up to date with the progress on G-BBDG.

Well done

How did you find my website?: Concordesst forum
17-March-2005 - West Midlands, UK
Message 14: john |
I chanced across your site in the forum, it's topical, well executed and so uplifting to see DG coming back together.

Great job, well done!


How did you find my website?: www.concordesst.com
13-March-2005 - Tunbridge Wells
Message 13: Andrew Hansford
Really good site, interesting pictures. Good to see the progress of DG.

How did you find my website?: www.concordesst.com
26-February-2005 - Peterborough
Message 12: Mark Redgwell |
Hi Neil the colour blue is a wee bit bright!

How did you find my website?: via Concordesst.com
17-February-2005 - London

Reply:   Thanks Mark - I'm always open to suggestions on ways to improve the site. There certainly was a lot of blue used on the site design. I've now changed the colours a bit and hopefully things are a bit easier on the eye now!!?
Message 11: Dianne Mannering | |
Wow.....men do find some fun things to do....what a hobby - building Concorde. I honestly thought Roger was talking about some sort of kit, couldn't believe it was the real thing till I went to the site.

Cool. Flowerface]

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05-February-2005 - Lichfield
Message 10: Paul Fry |
Having grown up just a (longish) stone's throw from Brooklands, before moving to sunny Sussex by the Sea in the late 1980's, I have visited Brooklands Museum frequently. Most recent visit was October half term, with my teenage children. I am pleased to see how far work on Delta Golf has progressed since then, you guys are doing a great job in putting her back together.

I look forward to the next installment, and will try to coincide my next visit to Brooklands with a "Concordesst 'DG working party", if only to offer you all some encouragement.

Unfortunately I cannot be more involved due to distance and family commitments etc, but keep up the good work guys (and gals).

Paul Fry

How did you find my website?: Via Concordesst.com
19-January-2005 - Lewes, East Sussex, UK
Message 9: andy buckley | |
Hi Neil - Nice Site! Good to know 202 has gone to a good home.
I have a page on my website about the Filton end of 202's move -

How did you find my website?: Concorde Webring
08-January-2005 - Originally from Filton

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