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Message 35: Lizzi |
I've seen Delta Golf in person several times and it never fails to amaze me how wonderful a job has been done to restore her to her former glory; no longer is she the "Forgotten Concorde." I only wish the caretakers of Alpha Delta over in New York would take this example to heart, and do a better job of looking after their Concorde. I owe everyone at Brooklands an enormous thank you for not only bringing back my favourite Concorde, but offering the opportunity to experience her as a passenger might. Delta Golf is both precious and an inspiration to me, so with all of my heart, thank you! Furthermore, thank you for this comprehensive photo-diary and current events site; it's always very exciting (and an absolute pleasure) to read about Delta Golf's future in the realm of aviation! Once again, thank you for everything!
How did you find my website?: Online Research about G-BBDG
2-August-2009 - Tallinn, Estonia

Reply:   Hi Lizzi. Thanks for your message - I'm glad to hear from such a big Delta Golf fan!
Message 34: Phil Brown |
What a wonderful site and a truly superb photo diary. I came to your site as a modeller and aviation enthusiast but what struck me most was the amount of sheer effort and enthusiasm which went into BBDG's restoration. The professionalism of the restoration is a tribute to all those who took part in keeping alive a part of Britain's engineering and cultural heritage. A big "thank you" to all concerned on behalf of myself, my children and their future children. I was lucky enough to be around during Concorde's active life and saw them fly many times both at airshows and in airline service. My kids and their kids will be able to learn about this wonderful British (and French) machine and its impact on this country's popular culture. We plan to vist Brooklands very soon now. Long live Delta Golf! Phil.
How did you find my website?: Via Concorde SST & a Google search using Brooklands Concorde
26-July-2009 - Edmonton, London

Reply:   Hi Phil. Thanks for your generous comments. I hope you are able to visit Brooklands soon.
Message 33: Anne Abeygunasekera |
A very informative site. I am glad to have been a part of the restoration. Well done on the simulator!!
How did you find my website?: UniS
Message 32: Peter
Happy 40th UK Concorde!
How did you find my website?: Via G-CONC Via Concordesst (Google)
9-April-2009 - Battle, East Sussex
Message 31: Stephen |
Great site! Keep up the good work!
How did you find my website?: Got from my friend
Message 30: Dave Fisher |
I've been to Brooklands on two occasions and can I say how good DG looks. I've followed her progress since she left Filton. My last visit was for the Concorde reunion, which gave me the chance to sit in the cockpit with Mike Bannister and have photos taken. That really made my day and my friend as well. I've collected a lot of memorobilia including some engine fan blades. Some of my collection is signed by pilots. I've been lucky enough to have had nine charter flights on other Concorde's. Getting back to DG and Brooklands my friend and I will be back to see DG again very soon. Maybe G-CONC will be in position near the roundabout when we arrive so photos can be taken. I look forward to my next visit.
How did you find my website?: Got a text from my friend who daid try this site.
30-January-2009 - Bermondsey SE16.
Hello. I have just found the site by accident. I was searching for another aspect of models to do with Concorde and found out about the work on G-CONC. Glad I did! I am a Concorde fan and like to visit Brooklands. Your site is an Ark of treasures and I congratulate you for it. I will be coming back to the site often in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, construction continues apace on my 1/72 model (yes 1/72 not 1/144 so it's large!) model. I find this site to be of a very professional appearance and very pleasant to navigate around. Thanks again for a marvellous find! Kind regards, Nicholas.
How did you find my website?: I googled concorde+model+construction
14-November-2008 - SOUTHSEA

Reply:   Hi Nicholas. Many thanks for your kind comments - I'm glad you like the site. Perhaps I'll see you at Brooklands sometime in the future.
Message 28: Jetinder |
Great website :) Well done for keeping a photographic record of G-BBDG. Its very interesting to see how the plane looked before and after all the hard work was done to restore her to her former glory. Best Wishes Jetinder
How did you find my website?: google'd it
7-August-2008 - Romford, Essex
Message 27: Luke
I think the concorde should fly again it's one of the true flying legends there is left.

Reply:   Hi Luke. I think most people would agree with you. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely this will ever happen but we can all live in hope!
Message 26: billy the taz |
Fantastic site to an inspirational Aircraft However after considerable research I feel you have drastically over estimated the amount of work required to re obtain Air worthiness certification. Having worked with CAA for the past 30 odd years I am fully aware that Manchester Airports Concorde G-BOAC was serviced within 33 hrs of its last flight and a examination carried out in October 2007 found that this particular Airframe was is Excellent condition. After consulting with colleges we fell a time frame of around 80-120 hrs is possible to return this to Operational Condition. As to wether this may ever happen I agree it is Highly Unlikely and your only other minor error was that there are currently 3 Certified Pilots and 2 Flight Engineer Available All of whom passed current medicals last month.

How did you find my website?: google
10-March-2008 - Manchester

Reply:   Hi 'billy'! On the subject of RTF, I don't really want to get into a long discussion on here as that's not what this site is about and besides, there are much better mediums existing on the web already for that! However, in response to the points you raised, as I've mentioned on the 'FAQ' page, without support/consent from Airbus the airworthiness certificate will not be forthcoming. Also, as things stand, without the required infrastructure in place anymore (i.e. trained engineers, maintenance equipment and spares and OEMs), none of the Concordes can be returned to operational condition, irrespective of their current condition.

With regards to certified flight crew, I was unaware that any still existed. How do they keep their ratings current and keep up to scratch on drills and procedures without access to a CAA approved simulator? None of these guys have flown the type since 2003! Presumably sometime in the not too distant future these ratings will expire and unfortunately the facilities and personnel required to re-certify them no longer exist.

Anyway, thanks for the kind comments about the site. It's much appreciated!

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