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Message 48: Mick Bond |
I am trying to establish who and it may be more than one person is credited with designing Concorde in the UK. I gather Dietrich Kuchemann was involved amongst others.
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7-July-2012 - Sheffield England
Message 47: Steve Ardooie |
I love the website! Hope you guys can show her glory once more!
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8-April-2012 - Ghent, Belgium (Europe)
Message 46: Andrew Lee
Great website; I regularly visit Brooklands and always enjoy a tour of G-BBDG. I took the Silver Concorde Flight Experience a year ago and really enjoyed flying the simulator, meeting too Mike Banister and some other Concorde pilots / engineers. I never flew in Concorde as a passenger; but my late father flew from Washington to Heathrow in one back in August 1977 and my late mother in law flew Concorde from Heathrow to New York in November 2002, so we have a family connection in some respect. Keep the good work going; all the best.
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3-November-2011 - Surrey
Message 45: WALTER |
Hello,compliments for good initiative, very nice website and beautiful photo album.Thanks for the restoration of the plane of the sky more beautiful.Thank you for keeping alive in the minds of men, the Concorde.I have much pleasure to visit in the future Concorde.Again compliments and best regards from Italy. Walter
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1-September-2011 - Italy
Message 44: Russ Trapani |
Im so happy to come across this web site dedicated to the Concords. I think it was so sad to see them retired.with no follow on to that beautiful bird!!!. I was fortunate enough to see a fly by many years ago over San Francisco.and was just over in Paris and saw #215 on static display in between terminals.beautiful sight.but deep down.very sad to see this glorious jet on stilts and not in the air. I flew with the Naval Air Reserve.Inflight Tec.P3C's.miss the cold war.but love flying more than walking!. I just wanted to add my thoughts here and my best wishes for the one Concord that is being readied for a fly by over the Olympic games. Im hoping this will entice more people to get involved in bringing them back to life and in the air. Thanks so much for this guestbook.all the best!! Russ
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4-August-2011 - United States

Reply:   Hi Russ. Unfortunately none of the Concordes are going to be flying over the Olympics next year. This was just a pipe dream I'm afraid.
Message 43: Vicentiu |
Hi there Neil! Excellent job with the website! I visited Delta Golf last year in August,it was the first Concorde i steped in.and it was.pff.incredible! It's amazing how you guys restored this beauty. I just hope that Alpha Bravo and Sierra Alpha will have a happy ending like this to :( I'm looking forward visiting Brooklands again maybe at the end of this year or at the beggining of next year who knows.Anyway great job with the website and keep it going!! PS: i have some photos of DG from my visit to Brooklands if you need more photos for the website i'll be more than happy to help!
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Reply:   Thanks for your kind comments Vicentiu. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Brooklands.
Message 42: Mark Child |
Hi there.very cool site :) I am hoping to visit Brooklands in the near future and this site and others have really got me even more keen to go. So sad that we let Concorde go - she was and always will be an icon and much loved by people all round the world - I know that the Concorde designs I produce are always the most popular.such a special aircraft. Thank you for this site :) My book of designs is on the blurb website
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22-October-2010 - southampton
Message 41: Dave Sleet |
Just had a fantastic day out at Brooklands with two of my children (12 & 14), Every volunteer and staff member were very knowledgable and enthusiastic. Sitting on board Delta George, and the flight simulator were both brilliant experiences. We were also very pleased to see "G-CONC" alive and kicking!! Please visit this museum.
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11-October-2010 - Bracknell

Reply:   Hi Dave. Glad to hear that you and your family had a good day at Brooklands and enjoyed your flight experience on Delta 'Golf'. ;)
Message 40: Richard Whitby
This is a great site. I am so glad someone has catalogued details of the removeal of G-CONC from Heathrow, and got some great pictures of it in situe. I was one of the small team of people who made the model that sat on the roundabout in the early nineties, so I am really happy that is has been looked after and is still around. Do you know where it has been placed now so I can go and visit it and show my kids? I was hoping to get to Brooklands a while back but couldnt. I thought it was a permanent fixture there. I have some great photos of the original construction process, and press cuttings of when it was moved from our workshop.
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13-August-2010 - Beaconsfield

Reply:   Hi Richard. G-CONC is still currently on display at the musuem but is due to move in the next couple of months (hopefully!) to become a permanent 'gate guardian' at the entrance to the museum and Mercedes-Benz World. I'd be very interested in seeing your photos of the model being contructed. Perhaps you could email me (via the link on the Contact page). Many thanks.
Message 39: Gregory Bryan Grehan |
Travelled out from Australia and visited Delta Golf at Brooklands in early 2008. Awesome to see her restored beautifully. Great experience. It's only a pity I was too early to see the simulator up and running. Oh well, next time!!
How did you find my website?: Googled info on the Concorde
29-April-2010 - Australia

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